Pinning their Hopes on the Future

Pinning their Hopes on the Future

In 1923, a variety of pins, brooches, and medals was produced to commemorate 150th Anniversary of the Landing of the Ship Hector in Pictou, Nova Scotia, with early Scottish immigrants.

Souvenir Lapel Pin

As a fund raiser, The Hospital Ladies Aid sold green and white souvenir lapel buttons for 10 cents each, as a keepsake of “the greatest week’s festivities in the history of Pictou.”

Enamel and Silver Brooches

Two beautiful enamel and silver brooches were also produced. They depicted the famous landing in relief, enclosed within a blue-edged shield, and encircled by either mayflowers or violets. One wonders if these decorative pieces were the work of Pictou jeweler, Frank Tobin.

Limited Number of Medals

A limited number of medals featuring the image of the ship Hector were also manufactured in gold, silver, and bronze. They were designed to be awarded to winners of the sporting and dancing competitions at the Highland Games in Pictou and New Glasgow during Hector Week. Mappin & Webb, the English jewellery company, submitted the successful bid to the Scottish Pioneers Association to produce these medals for just under $1,500. The medals were so popular that some winners adapted them so that they could be worn on a chain.