Pictou town

About the Author

Teresa MacKenzie is curator of the McCulloch House Museum & Genealogy Centre in Pictou, Nova Scotia. A talented and highly regarded graphic artist, she brings flourish and personality to the buildings that she paints by combining her love for history, architecture, and art. 

In Pictou town, Teresa depicts Pictou’s built heritage with light-hearted artistry, using poetry to further animate her visual creations. For her, old buildings are not time-worn structures to be demolished but landmarks to be treasured as a community legacy.

Foreword and Afterword Contributor

Dr. Laurie Stanley-Blackwell is a retired history professor whose research interests include built heritage and the history of Maritime Canada. She is the author of books, articles, and websites relating to religious, social, medical, and material history.

Laurie lives in one of Pictou’s old stone houses along with her husband, John Blackwell, who is a co-publisher of The Pictou Bee Press. Her historical overview in Pictou town provides an engaging introduction to the community’s rich historical past.